Street Furniture

The Council owns or manages a number of items of street furniture.  Many seats donated by local people have been taken over and maintained by the Parish Council, and the Council oversees the maintenance of various planters within the Parish. The Council owns one dog bin and it funded the clock on St. Mary’s Church tower (to celebrate the Millennium).  It provided and maintains a new walks map in Brighstone Village Centre, notice boards in Brighstone village centre, and at Moortown Lane bus stop. The Parish Council took on the maintenance of the public toilets in Brighstone following the withdrawal of funding by the Isle of Wight Council. The plaque on the forecourt of the Seely Hall Brook was erected in 2012 to celebrate the Brook Lifeboat Men as part of the WWLP Local Heroes Project, and this is maintained by the Parish Council.  The bus shelter in Brighstone Village Centre is owned and maintained by the Council.  The solar lighting in the Moortown Lane bus stop was funded by the Council.

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Brighstone Parish Council

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