The Parish Council is consulted for its views on all planning applications made within the Parish.  These are discussed at the monthly meeting, or when required, in a mid-month Planning Committee meeting (comprising all Council members):  in either case, applicants are welcome to attend and may speak if they wish.  The Parish Council then makes a recommendation to the planning authority.  Planning applications within the Parish can be viewed on the Isle of Wight Council website by clicking here.

The Parish Council has also committed a great deal of time to more proactive planning for the development and amenities in the Parish. The Brighstone Parish Neighbourhood Plan was approved in 2017 and the can be viewed, along with the accompanying documents, on the Isle of Wight Council website by clicking here.

A Parish Plan was produced in 2004 and in 2009 the Action Plan was reviewed and a revised plan was produced.  A village Design Statement, which focused mainly on the landscape and built environment, was produced in 2008.  Download Brighstone Parish Village Design Statement



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