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The BPNP was adopted by IWC as part of the Island Plan on 19th Sept 2016

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The Adopted Plan

The Adopted Plan can be viewed on IWC website at www.iwight.com/brighstonendp. Hard copies will soon be made available to view.

Final Plan for 15th Sept 2016 vote

View the full plan at Draft Brighstone NDP V1

For a short summary see Summary table of Policies

For further information and all supporting documents see Brighstone Neighbourhood Plan

Independent Examiner’s Report

Examiners Report

Neighbourhood Plan Submitted to IWC on 7th Jan for Public Consultation

Please note these are NOT the final documents

Brighstone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Draft January 2016

Brighstone Parish Design Statement December 2015

Background Documents


Parish Consultation 16th Oct to 27th Nov 2015

The Consultation Draft of the Brighstone Parish Neighbourhood Plan is now available. Please select from the following links:

Information About the Consultation

List of Draft Policies

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan


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Displays from Feb/March 2015 Consultation Days

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Displays from May 2014 Information Days

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Meeting Notes and Agendas

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