The BPNP was adopted by IWC as part of the Island Plan on 19th Sept 2016

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On Thursday 15th September the people of Brighstone Parish voted on whether or not the Brighstone Parish Neighbourhood Plan should be adopted by the Isle of Wight Council as part of the Island Plan.

There was a 22.56% turn out with 324 votes cast.
Votes Yes-293 (90.5%)
Votes No-31 (9.5%)

This resounding YES vote means that the Brighstone Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2027 will now be an integral part of the Island Plan and will be used as part of the determination of all planning applications which come forward in the parish.

The plan can be accessed at and hard copies will soon be made available to view.

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The decision has been made to produce a Neighbourhood Plan under the Localism Act of 2011, to cover the same geographical area as that served by the Brighstone Parish Council.

To become a useful and successful legal addition to local planning law, this Plan will need to be created by a process involving the whole of our local community. It will require consideration by and the involvement of people right across the civil parish.

The people of  the hamlets of  Hulverstone, Mottistone and Limerstone, as well as those from the villages of Brook and Brighstone,  will all be asked to consider and imput into the Plan as it develops.Then the whole community will be required to formally vote their approval for the completed draft.

Finally, if the vote is successful, the Neighbourhood Plan will become a legal part of  Isle of Wight planning law (The Island Plan) and its conclusions will need to be observed in all matters requiring planning permission for the next ten to fifteen years.

This is an opportunity for local people to have a strong voice in how this area will be for the next generation – guiding its development geographically, economically and socially.

Meetings of the Brighstone Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are held in Brighstone School Hall please see Latest for the date of the next meeting.

A Housing Survey was distributed to all residents during February 2014 and collected within two weeks. This was to update the understanding of  local present and future requirements and is a very important step in the Neighbourhood Plan process. To see the results select the Documents link.

A Residents Survey was conducted in July 2014 by delivering and collecting surveys door to door. To see the results select the Documents link.