Dangerous Footpaths Closed

The Island Coastal Path has suffered emergency closure of two sections due to land slippage.
One of the closures is in Brighstone Parish at Atherfield Bay.

Part of Public Footpaths BS1 & BS2 including beach access at Atherfield (rear of the old holiday camp).  Due to the loss of a set of steps and land slippage along part of Shepherds Chine this section of path has had to be closed.  To bypass use BS2 Military Road and SW25.

It seems that works will not be able to be undertaken to try and reinstate damaged paths until the ground conditions improve, so it maybe a few months before these stretches will be reopened.

For general information, the other slippage is at Gurnard – to part of Public Footpaths CS16/17 and CB24.  Due to a landslip at a midway point along the path this route has also had to be closed and it is very unsafe to try to use it.  To bypass use Rew Street (road walking) and then Footpaths CS3, CB23 & CB1.